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The best laid plans... So I was unable to continue with my music plans as I was thwarted by illness. Now the docs have me on meds which have much improved my health and I am ready to return to songwriting and recording.
I am excited to say that i have signed up for the R&B Vocals course at B
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Illness slowed me down!
The best laid plans... So I was unable to continue with my music plans as I was thwarted by illness. Now the docs have me on meds which have much improved my health and I am ready to return to songwriting and recording.
I am excited to say that i have signed up for the R&B Vocals course at Berklee College of Music and look forward to learning those contemporary blues riffs that i will be able to incorporate into my writing.
New publication date for my songs on this site and Youtube will be in January as long as my health permits!
Thanks for continuing to listen to my songs!
2017 update
This year found me taking Berklee College of Music's POP ROCK vocal course with Adriana Balic. Great course and I highly recommend it. I learned a lot. I am now editing several of my recent songs and punching up the choruses and improving the lyrics. I hope to be publishing my new songs by the summer. Stay tuned! Thanks.
So where has 2016 gone?
2016 has found me writing SATB choir pieces suitable for church. I was inspired to do so after I joined a choir for a while in late 2015. However, I am now back to writing in a more popular format and I am excited with my latest attempt. It is a Bossa, entitled "Young Summer Love"
I am arranging all parts now and so the creative process is a little slower but I hope to have this song up and out there by the end of August, if all goes well.
Thanks for listening!
Mama Got Her Party Hat On Released
My new country song, Mama Got Her Party Hat On, feat. Donnie, is now released on iTunes and Amazon and Spotify and other streaming media sources including here on Broadjam. I am trying to raise funds for Wounded Warriors in the US, Canada and the UK from the sales of this song. The YouTube lyric video link is Here you will find the lyric video and the plays will add up to raise funds for the Wounded Warriors. If you are reading this item, I hope you will support me in this effort by playing or buying my song. Thanks in advance for listening and acting! Every cent I receive will go to Wounded Warriors.
Mama Got Her Party Hat On
My new country song, Mama Got Her Party Hat On,sung by Donnie, and recorded at Studio Pros is about to be released on iTunes by the end of June. Release date to be confirmed. All moneys collected from the sales will go to Wounded Warriors.Ca if sold in Canada and Wounded Warrior Project in the US if sold in the US. There will be a release of a lyric video on YouTube when the single is released. I am hoping the sales will be good so that I can contribute a respectable sum to the Wounded Warriors who are so deserving of our thanks and support.
New Song on the way!
I have just sent a new song, this time a Country song, to be recorded by Studio Pros. I am excited to hear what they do with the song. The song is entitled, Mama Got Her Party Hat On, and it is a tribute to military families. More of that story later. Taxi has forwarded the instrumental versions of Silk Pajamas and Thanksgiving in the Rain. So that makes three forwards in the past few months and so things are on track for Mary Grimley, Songwriter. Thanks for listening!
New Year and New Projects!
I really enjoyed the Vocal 101 course at Berklee College of Music online
(berkleeonline). The course led by Anne Peckham and facilitated by Sharon Brown was fantastic! I am now turning to my new songs with a fresh eye and a better understanding of the vocalist.
Sharon Brown kindly asked me to send her some of my songs so that she could use them with her students at Berklee! What a thrill to think of young people singing my songs!
My latest song is now ready for me to sing the vocals. The fan base for Mary Grimley Songwriter on Facebook is growing if you would like to like the page!
Thanks for listening!
Goodbye, Greg. Hello, Berklee!
Greg, my writing partner, has retired from Cole & Garrett Songwriters. He has been an enormous help and inspiration and will be sadly missed. He has promised to consult when necessary on arrangements. I have decided to underscore this new chapter in songwriting by taking Voice 101 at Berklee Online. What friendly people the people at Berklee are and very encouraging. I may not get to sing my own demos but I shall continue to learn much about songwriting in order to write in a more contemporary style, I hope! Stay tuned! Thanks for listening.
New album and a forward!
Our new album, Cole & Garrett Songwriters Album 3, is now available on iTunes worldwide and Amazon. It can also be heard on Spotify. Our single from the new album, 'Chillin' With You', has been forwarded by Taxi to a major Producer. It's good to know that the Taxi reviewer enjoyed the song as much as the former students for whom it was written!! Thanks for listening!
We like our new song and hope you do too!
Our new song, Chillin' With You, is today available on Broadjam. There was a main staircase in Prince Edward Collegiate where Mary did hall duty for many of the 24 years she worked there. She would see girls waiting at the bottom of the stairs for their boyfriends to go down town for lunch. Lately, on Facebook, Mary has noticed that many of those couples are now married and have children. So came the idea for the song. The song recognizes that true love often is based on friendship, and often that is both romantic and lasting love. Studio Pros evidently enjoyed recording the song as you will hear once you listen to the music. The single will be released on ITunes on March 15.
It's been a few months!
Cole & Garrett Songwriters have been busy working with Studio Pros over the past six months to get the tracks for our new CD finished. We have also been working with Sean Bokenkamp who has produced three fine animations to go with Gadget Gremlin, Blue Shades and How Do You Do That? I'm a Canadian. The first two animations can be seen on YouTube at COLEGARRETTSONGS Interesting decisions now have to be made. There will be a CD released on iTunes and Amazon. However, should there be a DVD of the animations released locally?
Our PRO has just informed us that a song we released years ago, Anyhow sung by Emily Fennell, has been played this year on Vietnam radio! Never give up hope! The song is still available on Broadjam and at our website
New song uploaded and a video!
Our schedule is revised so that we have released Blue Shades early in order to enter a licensing opportunity. We also have the animated video released, Gadget Gremlin. Both songs feature the fine vocals of Chris at Studio Pros. The video also features the animation of Sean Bokenkamp. Enjoy! The video is also on YouTube if anyone wants to help us rack up some views!
More songs completed
The animation for the Gadget Gremlin is now complete and will be released next year.
Our latest song, Blue Shades, is in production at Studio Pros. I have just heard the vocal which is fabulous and reminiscent of the late great Michael Burks. The vocalist is Chris at Studio Pros. The musicians at Studio Pros are top drawer and I highly recommend this on-line studio.
New songs here and on iTunes
We now have our three latest songs recorded at StudioPros in Los Angeles uploaded to Broadjam, and iTunes. Silk Pajamas and Thanksgiving in the Rain are both smooth jazz songs. Silk Pajamas is a cute, upbeat song where a person finds herself so lucky to have found someone who is the right fit. In Thanksgiving in the Rain, a woman realizes to her surprise that love has made her change her values such that she now loves Thanksgiving in the Rain.Last but not least, How Do You Do That ( I'm a Canadian ) is an AC/Pop song inspired by the bravery of Canada's bush pilots and by Canada's very own astronaut, Chris Hadfield, who in December takes command of the International Space Station. The song praises Canadians for the way they tackle huge projects and responsibilities with such panache, even though Canada's population is so small compared to its land mass.
Two new songs in production
StudioPros are working on two new songs for us as I write this. One of the songs I hope to give to an animator to make a video as the song is certainly comic. The other song has very Canadian content and I look forward to hearing the end result soon myself!
Two more songs done!
Finally, I sent two jazz songs down to StudioPros in Los Angeles and they produced some fine performances of our songs, Silk Pajamas and Thanksgiving in the Rain. Silk Pajamas and Thanksgiving in the Rain are both available here for download. I am now getting another package ready for StudioPros: How Do You Do That? (I'm a Canadian) and I am toying with a rewrite of Home To Jazz to make the song more singable for anyone. The peer reviews of Silk Pajamas on Broadjam are very good. We hope you enjoy the song too. Thanks for listening! If you would like to support our efforts and download the song, that would be wonderful!
Finally, another song!!
I have just uploaded HOME TO JAZZ. This is a song which has gone through many revisions and two computers!! Finally, the technical difficulties over, I was able to sing the tune this week. I hope that you enjoy listening to our efforts. I particularly like Greg's bridge. Thanks for tuning in!
Well, looking at the last entry, I decided not to write any more until I had posted a new song. Yesterday I uploaded "Things Turn Out All Right in the End," a song which I (Mary) wrote this September. It is the first time I have both written and arranged a song entirely on my own and I am quite pleased with the result. I hope you will listen and let me know what you think.
Look for the next song in a short while. Really! No two year gap this time! Thanks for listening!
Here comes the music!
After many months that have been involved with matters other than music. Cole/Garrett Music is able to say ,"We really are back on track." Greg has written some instrumental tunes for licensing and Mary is busy re-opening her files to set up for recording the many songs that Greg and Mary have been able to write as they snatched time out of each week for brief writing sessions. We look forward with excitement to starting anew and finding the fans that had supported us prior to our hiatus from recording. Thanks for tuning in!
Grateful for the Recognition!
When we heard this week that we had reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest again this year, the news was extra-special. The song, "This Road is Going Nowhere" was Mary's song from the heart immediately after she learned of her husband's serious illness. In addition, this recognition is the first we have had for a song which was sung by Mary, accompanied by Greg, and recorded and engineered by Mary in her spare room home studio. As we approach the tenth anniversary of writing our first song - and ten years ago Mary could not even play the piano!-, we are happy to note how far we have come. We look forward to our learning more and creating more as the year comes to a close. Our next song to be uploaded is a comic song which should change the mood somewhat! Thanks for listening!
Slowly getting back on track...
There are five new tunes ready for me to sing in our home studio here. Family illness, the noise of a house being built next door! and technical glitches on the web-site have slowed our progress but we have not stopped writing songs and we are determined to have something new on the web-site in the next couple of months. Please keep checking the site and enjoy the music.
Peace. Health and Happiness to All!
We wish that 2008 will bring all our listeners peace, health and happiness. Thank you for your continued support. We have new songs in the mix and we look forward to uploading them for you in the next few months. Keep listening! Thank you!
And A Merry Christmas to one and all!
Whether you are celebrating with family, whether you are celebrating alone, whether you are healthy or whether you are unwell,we wish you peace, comfort and happiness. We wiah you food on your table and love in your heart this Christmas and every day in the New Year! Enjoy the music!
Mary and Greg.
Where have we been?
I knew I had not been able to write here for a long time but even I did not realize how long! Between gear problems and events that took me away from working on the music, time has passed with no uploading of new material.
However, I now have a new mic and a new pre-amp and I hope to be able to finish several tunes this coming holiday. We have some different tunes on tap for you. Two or three jazz tunes which are fairly upbeat in theme and a fun, novelty song.
Keep checking our site over Christmas and you may find an unexpected stocking stuffer! Thanks for listening!
To modulate or not to modulate?
The writing of new songs continues here in the spare room. I am excited about two of them and so those two songs have drawn me back to them when I should have been finishing the songs which were on my list to remix this summer! The only question left for the one song is whether to modulate to the chorus or not and I have to wait for the experience of my co-writer, Greg, to pronounce the answer on that one! Meanwhile, I have been practising the vocal in the hope that I will do a better job than on previous attempts! All computer glitches that have plagued the mixing this summer are thankfully resolved and so the path seems clear to uploading new songs this Fall. Thank you for listening! We appraciate all support!
Two new remixes uploaded!
We have finally overcome the series of technical computer problems that have slowed our progress this summer and we are happy to announce that we have been able to upload new versions of songs in our catalogue. Greg replaced the soprano sax with an alto sax in the Latin Jazz instrumental, 19 Degrees, and we hope you like the result. In addition, we changed the key and changed some words in the song, Ordinary Everyday Good News, and the new version is also uploaded today.
While waiting for the computer glitches to be solved by Mary, we have written two new songs which have us feeling good about our progress. In addition, Mary is now going back to mix the jazz song that has been percolating for months and now has all its parts recorded! Mary is looking forward to getting entries ready both for Broadjam competitions and the international Musicaid competition. We'll keep you posted and meanwhile we invite you to listen to the new mixes. We would love to hear your comments! Feel free to send a message to the guestbook! Thanks for listening!
To mix and mix again...
Well, in the spare room studio, two recording sessions have taken place so far this July. '19 Degrees' will shortly be uploaded in the new mix. 'Ordinary Everyday Good News' has been resung and a few new words added, plus a bass line.
Greg has also added more sax. to a jazz tune that has been a while in the making and it looks as if we will be finishing that song ready for the mix next week.
Sunday will find me listening to a cd of sixteen different tracks so that I can choose the best. Setting the bass is always the most difficult. So to make sure that I don't set the bass too loud or too soft I am going to give my ears a rest until Sunday a.m.
Meanwhile, there are new songs in progress. We have started entering the Broadjam Six Pack contest and will try to write some new material there. We are still looking to compile a CD of our inspirational songs and are working on that project too. So lots in the mix at Cole/Garrett Music! Please keep listening and we hope to have some new sounds for you soon!
So what now?
Happy Canada Day to one and all! School is over; the marking is all done for another year and now there is a bit more time to focus on composition and completion. We are planning to add the final saxophone touches to a jazz tune we have been developing for quite a while. We have several new songs in the works, all of which have a folk/jazz, even bluesy vibe. We are also looking at entering the Broadjam Six Pack contest with some of the new songs. We have entered the UK Songwriting Contest again. This time we have put in one song with Lori Dortono singing "No Words Needed". The other song we have entered is "That Grief Passed Away: So May This". That song is inspired by my translations of Anglo-Saxon poetry and so I thought it would be neat to enter it in an English contest. There is the drawback of me being the singer; however, the contest rules proclaim the quality of singing does not count. Let's hope so! We also have to re-do some earlier songs to get the saxes in tune. No fancy gear here and so that means a re-recording! We are hoping to get some studio time to have our hymns and happy tunes recorded this Fall. So there's the plan. Thanks for staying tuned and playing our songs!
In and out of tune
Between school and fixing mixes, life has been busy the last few weeks. We are still working on the jazz tunes. Piano riffs have been added and words changed. We have submitted "That Grief Passed Away" to a listing and are awaiting the result before we submit that song for competition. "That Grief Passed Away" is the new title of "The Bard's Blues" which has undergone many changes. You might like to have a listen as we think the changes have really enhanced the song lyrically and melodically. We have to redo some sax. in the instrumental "19 Degrees" where we now find the sax. was not in tune at all times- well, it was a jazz mix and this novice engineer didn't notice a few of those odd notes. I thought Greg was being funky! So we live and learn!
After exams are over in school, we shall be adding more sax. to another new jazz song and that one should be ready to upload in July. Then we are turning a song we wrote several years ago, one of our first ones, into a jazz tune which is sounding quite good, even if I say so myself! Soon all will be in tune! Thanks for checking out our web-site and listening to our songs!
Local Festivities kept us busy...
Thanks to Cheryl, Krista, Jessica, Diane, Sarah and Simon for so sweetly singing the debut performance of our song, "April in Prince Edward County" at the Taste of PECI festivities in school on May 10. You did us proud! Thanks to guest flautist, Bev Gorsline, whose perforaance added to the depth of the song. Hey, thanks to you, Greg, for the guitar accompaniment!
I have now taken the song back to the drawing board to prepare it for a professional perfomance. Some other songs are being re-vamped now that I have a bit of extra time before school gets really busy again with exams. "The Bard's Blues" is getting new words in the second verse and a slight change of tune in parts and, perhaps, more of an R & B feel. "Silk Pajamas" is getting a better vocal and a slight change in melody and perhaps a different key. "19 Degrees", on closer listen, needs a replay of one of the saxes. Edit! Edit! Edit! Thanks for listening!
April in Prince Edward County uploaded!
Our latest song is more a folk song. I was inspired to write the song in April of 2006 which was a really splendid April in the County. I was then inspired to finish the song for the students that Greg and I teach. Prince Edward Collegiate Institute will be holding an open house on May 10 from 6-10 p.m. A choir of ten students accompanied by a flautist and by guitar students with Steve Mee and Greg will give the first performance of this song, "April in Prince Edward County". Join us in Room 104, PECI at 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. to hear the two performances of the song. The school band and string ensembles will also be playing that evening. The school will be full of various activities as the subject areas are all open for visits.
Happy Easter to Everyone!
To celebrate Easter I have moved the song."When I talk to Jesus" to near the top of the song list. I haven't yet re-engineered the song but I love the melody of this hymn and there is no better time in the Church calendar to sing this song. Later, this weekend I shall upload the song that we have written for a small choir of PECI students to sing at the Taste of PECI open house at PECI on May 10. Enjoy family and friends this Easter and thanks for listening!
So what do you think?
A dangerous question! When I ask that question, I always remember the end of the Paula Abdul video, "Cold-Hearted Snake", and the expression on her face. However, critical feedback is always valuable and if any of our listeners have a moment to let us know which song is a favourite or what you think of our latest instrumental or song, we will be happy to receive your comments. Just click on the contact menu and you can write to us. Your contact information will not be seen on the web-site but we will publish all clean comments! I know several people are returning to listen to certain of our songs but I have no way of knowing to which song someone is listening except by number and I change the order of songs fairly regularly as you know!
I have finished writing the "April in Prince Edward County" song while Greg and his family are off on their hols. Now we all have to wait for Greg to let me know I have chosen good chords!! I have improved "To Kiss or Not" but sadly my voice did not improve enough for me to record a good new rendition. Thanks for continuing to listen. Enjoy the music!
Our latest song is uploaded!
I have just uploaded the jazz instrumental, "19 Degrees", which Greg both wrote and played. He plays two Alto sax. parts in duet, then a piano solo and then a bass solo. He arranged the whole tune. I recorded him playing all the parts separately and then mixed the result. The tune is a cheerful reminder of a day when Greg says the temperature was just right and he found it was 19 degrees! With all the snow and ice here lately, perhaps it is time for a reminder that we can enjoy balmy weather! We hope you enjoy the tune and that you will send us your comments on the tune and the production! In addition, the two songs, "Home to Jazz" and "April in Prince Edward County" are very close to being finished. I am editing the lyric and melody of "To Kiss Or Not" so that we can submit it to Taxi. Greg added a sax. bridge to that song this week.Thanks for continuing to listen and continuing to support our songs.
Two new songs on the way!
This week Greg and I have been putting the finishing touches to two songs. The first song is for local consumption, entitled "April in Prince Edward County". We are looking forward to Greg's first year guitar class accompanying the song. I shall be on the look-out for singers to form a small choir to sing the song with the guitar class and we shall present the song during Taste of PECI, May 10, at PECI. The other song is a jazz song which I am hoping to record and upload some time this week. Thank you for your continued support and for playing our songs!
Out with the old! In with the new!
For us, as teachers, a new semester starts this Monday and one benefit of teaching is that in February one gets to start again and aim for even better results in the next term of teaching. Perhaps that renewed energy also transfers itself to our song-writing. This week, Greg and I were able to spend some time improving on a song we have been writing for quite a while. It is a jazz song with quite complicated rhythm changes. The good thing about putting something away for a time is that the brain has time to sort out what was wrong with the song. I really like the fixes we made this week. I shall try to record the song in the near future to give you something new to hear. We also found an unexpected venue for debuting our song, "April in Prince Edward County". Stay tuned for more news on that one! Thanks as always for listening!
Family First...
My thoughts are with my family this week as they celebrate the life of my eldest brother, John Cole, who left us on January 4, 2007. He is remembered as a beloved and kind Headmaster of St. Crispin's School, a very dear father and husband and a caring and exemplary brother. Thinking of John's life inspired me to write the hymn, When I Talk to Jesus, which I have uploaded to our web-site. Greg returned to town in time to help with the final chords and to improve the melody in parts. I hope the words and melody move you. Thank you for listening and for your continued support of our web-site.
Ending the year on an up-note!
Greg and I were thrilled to find out that we had been named Runners-up for Canada in the songwriting category of The International Music Awards 2006 at The song we submitted was "House of Cards". The arrangement by Greg, Ken Harnden and Jon Park-Wheeler really brings out the poignancy I felt when writing the song. Lori Dortono's voice adds to the emotion and Steve O'Connor's touch on piano is unique. Andrew Afleck is on bass, Ken Post on drums.Thanks to all and to We wish everyone a peaceful Christmas season.
Getting back to business!
Thank you for continuing to play our songs! Cole/Garrett Music has slowed down in November. Greg has undergone successful surgery in the last couple of weeks and has just returned to song-writing yesterday. I have fallen foul of "teacher's hazard" and been slowed down by a cold virus. The new song is gradually coming together. All new songs are waiting for my throat to clear so I can attempt to sing them! So we are working on the piano accompaniment and continuing to polish what we have written. At the request of some fans, I returned to the song list some of the demos I am still working on. I am stiil looking forward to singing the new renditions of them this Christmas. Thanks for listening!
More work to do!
You may have noticed I have removed some songs from the playlist this week. The demos I uploaded last year were ones that we thought would be recorded professionally by now. Owing to circumstances beyond our control, the studio was unable to accommodate us. Consequently, I am going to have a go at remixing the songs and as I seem to have found a better voice I am going to be re-singing the tunes in a different key and hope that I can come up with a better rendition of the songs. I know I can do a better engineering job than I did last time around as I have learned so much more now. Greg and I worked on a new song today. I think we have a good hook. Now we have to work on the "story" and the piano accompaniment. It's always exciting to have a new tune in one's head! Thank you for your continued interest. Stay tuned!
Hook first!
This weekend was another weekend when a potential hook for a song came into mind. I spent a few hours fleshing out the melody by singing straight into Sonar this time so that I could capture the original musical thought. So often when I go straight to the piano the piano appears to take over the song as if it has a mind of its own. Of the tunes that started with me, our more successful tunes have always been the ones that stayed true to that first musical impulse that floated into my head. Having said that, we always edit and edit again and so the melody will change at times to accommodate a better idea that shows up in an arrangement. This week there seems to be a lot of interest in our web-site from Germany. We are happy so many different countries are now checking into our site and listening to our music. We also hope, of course, that you will be inspired to purchase a song or two from our secure payment site at Broadjam so that we can keep the music coming! Thank you for your support!
Another song forwarded!
We received the good news this week that Taxi has forwarded our song, "Love's Fools Must Dream Alone", to Crucial Music. That does not mean that Crucial Music has acquired the song but this is the necessary first hurdle to overcome before our song gets a chance of being placed. So we are really glad about that! Every forward encourages us to keep writing and we shall do so! On the 6-pack challenge front, our song, The Birthday Boogie, has dropped from third to eighth place. Other new songs will now be keeping us busy on the music front. In addition, I want to put my latest acquired engineering knowledge to work on Silk Pajamas and The Bard's Blues in order to get them in a more marketable position. I moved the song, "Kicking The Leaves" to the top of the song list as it is October and that is definitely the time to play this cheerful song! Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!
New pieces written!
The last few weeks have been busy with various activities here in Cherry Valley. Of course, returning to teaching is always a big event and, for me, a happy and busy one. On the music front, we answered the Broadjam challenge to write a new Happy Birthday song and wrote "The Birthday Boogie" which you can now hear by clicking on the songs page. We hope it is a fun thirty-eight seconds to which you will enjoy singing along! We were thrilled to see we were placing third at the moment in the Birthday Bash challenge and so someone must enjoy the tune!! Thank you! I am busy trying to finish recording a jingle we have written for the next stage in the challenge in order to submit the piece by the fast approaching deadline! Trying to explain to our beautiful labrador that her snoring is not enhancing my singing does not always work! However, she does seem to like music! We hope you enjoy our new pieces. Thanks for your continued support!
Roller-coaster news
I have been working on our Broadjam home page this week and listening to other artists on the Broadjam web-site in order to pick my favourites to showcase on our Broadjam site. There are quite a few Canadians on the site that are worth checking out! We entered some songs in the 6-pack Songwriting challenge on the Broadjam site and this week for four days Cole/Garrett Music was on the leader board. That was quite a thrill! The leaderboard changes throughout the day as the songs are reviewed by one's peers and yesterday we were zapped off the top twemty! Still the contest does not finish until October and so we are always optimistic! I uploaded the sax. version of "Gloomy Now You're Gone" that we recorded this summer (in the spare room). Greg plays both Alto and Tenor sax. and the piano on this version. This week, I am writing the songs for the last three 6-pack challenges. Meanwhile,we really value your comments on our songs. Please sign our Guestbook and let us know what you think! Thank you for listening!
For us, it has been a good news week!
First, we learned that all three of the songs we had submitted to the UK Songwriting Contest made it to the sem-finals. Those songs were: "Grist For The Mill", sung by Ken Post and Lori Dortono, "House Of Cards" and "Love's Fools Must Dream Alone", both sung by Lori Dortono. Then I finished mixing Greg's song, "Ordinary Everyday Good News". I tried to keep it sounding as live as possible as it is a simple song,that invites everyone to sing along. So check out the third song on the home page, click the play button and invite Greg to strum his guitar and to sing you a song in your living room! In the upcoming week, I return to the singing of my new jazz song and then I shall put on the mixing hat for that song! Stay tuned for more in the coming month! Thanks for listening!
Thanks for the sales!
Thank you to the kind people who purchased our music for only ninety-nine cents (US dollars) a song! You probably found the purchase easy, thanks to our Broadjam download store! Your support is very much appreciated as we continue to make music. In the spare room here, I am still mixing. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! Now I have been reading how to mix properly, I have to keep re-mixing! I have kept the original first mix of each song safe as I suspect I shall be returning to it after all the learning about parametric EQ and leaving headroom! For all the effects one can use, I suspect that the dictum "less is more" still applies. However, the learning is always exciting! My goal is still to have you hear something new this August and so we hope you keep checking our site. Thank you for enjoying our music!
New songs on the way!
Greg and I had two very productive days of solid work and the result is two new songs and a saxophone instrumental version of one of our earlier songs. Greg's new song is entitled "Everyday Good News" and is the kind of song which will lift everyone's spirits. He is singing and strumming an acoustic guitar. I will be uploading that in the coming week. I brought a song entitled "Home To Jazz" to the session. The song is progressing well and I will be able to sing it shortly. Greg added and played interesting piano and added a sax bridge to the piece. We both worked on another jazz song which will be a while in the making. Finally, Greg played and I recorded the melody line of "Gloomy Now You're Gone" on top of the 2mix (no vocal mix) which we had from Wayne McFaul's production of the song. So now I have to get back to my mixing and try not to make too many novice mistakes before you hear the songs! Thank you for your continued support of our music!
No News is Good News?
Well, while they say that no news is good news, when you are trying to get your songs recorded and out into the world, no news is definitely not good news. We are still waiting to hear when our songs can be recorded! However, the writing will continue. Greg and I will be working on new songs this week and I shall try to do a better job of singing what I already have uploaded to the site. This decision also means I have to learn to be a better engineer, which isn't all bad! Actually, I should say I have to learn to become an engineer! I have two tunes which I am excited about. Both are jazz tunes and will go well with our tune Silk Pajamas, perhaps as a demo package. Greg has written a tune that he thinks will be suitable for those who enjoy religious songs. I am looking forward to hearing that. Thanks for continuing to support our music!
Happy Canada Day!
It's breezy and sunny here in Cherry Valley. We hope everyone has a very happy holiday weekend!
We have just submitted three songs to the UK songwriting contest; so wish us luck!
We are still waiting to hear about the studio dates. Meanwhile, we now get some writing time and it's back to composing by e-mail!
Thank you for continuing to visit our site. We hope to be uploading some new tunes by the end of August.
Hurry Up and Wait!
Just a few lines to keep you up to date with our progress. We have delivered the four new working tapes to the studio and we are waiting to hear which musicians are available in August to record our songs.
Meanwhile, we need to put more of a Bridge on To Kiss Or Not. Mary is working on new tunes every week as she has lots of ideas; however, school is reaching its busiest time now: the students are doing year-end projects and writing examinations in two weeks time. Consequently, the music is likely to stay on very slow boil for a few weeks!
One more song added
Today, I upgraded the sound quality of some of the working tape demos I have put up on the site. I also uploaded the working tape demo of "To Kiss Or Not?". This song has a little fun at the expense of those who hesitate to kiss, afraid of the consequences. The rhythms mimic that indecision. I hope they do anyway!
Keep tuned and thanks for checking out our songs page!
Our latest song uploaded
I have just uploaded "Home To You". We hope you enjoy the song which celebrates the love to be found in marriage. It is a jazz waltz and is really a duet of sorts for voice and saxophone. We are heading to the studio shortly to arrange for better singers than "yours truly" to sing the new songs. Keep tuned so that you can compare the originals with what the studio musicians do!
Thanks for continuing to visit our web-site and show your support!
A new song looking for a singer!
I have just uploaded "The Bard's Blues", a song that Greg and I have just finished writing. The song is based on a refrain I learned at the University of Wales when I was tranlating Old English poetry. "swa thaes ofereode, swa this maeg" sang Deor, the Old English Bard. His message of "That passed away, so may this" as he sang of people's troubles has always kept me hopeful in times of difficulty. I always liked the romance of the line, "Wulf, min Wulf" in "Wulf und Eadwacer". I know some now think that Eadwacer was a warrior too and that the old romantic interpretation does not hold true; however, bards and songwriters are allowed poetic licence! While I know my songwriter's voice does not do justice to the song, I hope you will appreciate the lyric and the melody-and Greg's sax. Greg never lets me down when I ask him to deliver " a nice alto sax." whatever the song or whatever the measure!
Even more listeners...Thanks!
We are thrilled that visits to our site have really increased this month. It's great to know you appreciate listening to our music. Greg is busy with the local theatre group's production of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' but we have still managed to squeeze in some writing. My cold is nearly gone so that I should soon be able to hit the high notes to sing the new song for you. The mix is right as far as the "spare room" acoustics allow me to judge it!
Thank you for returning to this site. Enjoy the music!
Slowly getting there..
We recorded the new version of the song in the spare room "studio" last Wednesday. We added new lyrics and changed the key to a better place for me to sing. Then we also worked on a new blues tune about which I am very excited. Ironically, I think we are closer to finishing that new tune than the one we have been working on for months!!
Now I have to wait to sing as I have picked up a cold. Is there no end to my excuses?
Thank you for continuing to listen to our songs. The visits to the site keep increasing. Please feel free to sign our guestbook!
So I thought it was a good line...
Yesterday, I played one of the Billy Joel cds I was given weeks ago. My ears pricked up to some really good lyrics and then I heard Billy sing, "You're my home". I couldn't believe my ears. But, as you probably know, when I checked out the cd, there was the title, You're My Home. Well, I was sad knowing I would have to change the lyrics I had added to our latest song, as the words "You're My Home" fit so well, but I was a bit pleased too that I had unknowingly come up with the same lyrical thought that Billy Joel had had years earlier. Billy had a different approach from ours to the concept and he had very poetic lyrics. This week we will not only be improving the percussion on that new (and now nameless!) tune but we will be changing the title and hook. I think I have something that will work! We'll see...
Looking for Spring!
The weather is Canadian chilly here and I was reminded that, a few years ago, Greg and I wrote a song for the month of March, entitled "March Song". The song has more of a classic feel and was not written for the commercial market but was written because we liked the song. Perhaps you will enjoy the song as a change of pace. I put the song closer to the top of the song list so that it is easier for you to find.
We hope to put the finishing touches to the percussion on the jazz song, "You're My Home", during March break. The percussion needs some variation before we release the song to be heard. Some songs just take time to get right!
Meanwhile, I have been working on a folk/jazz song which is the third song we are writing to take to a studio and have properly recorded. Hope you continue to enjoy our songs! Thanks for listening!
The conundrum of jazz..
As you try to sell a song, the industry demands that you describe yourself as writing in a certain style. Greg and I have almost found our style as all our latest writing is definitely jazz influenced. However, folk elements always creep into the writing and then the jazz elements answer and the songs are constantly evolving.
So today the puzzle of jazz returns to mind. If the melodies and the riffs are constantly evolving ( and since jazz is an improvisational genre the shifting nature of the jazz melody is, perhaps, the only constant ), a jazz writer only captures one version of the song. Then the decision becomes very much an editing decision: which version is best? The song in the writer's head whispers that the next melody is the best...
It is early Saturday morning here and perhaps that is why I have become philosophical. Or is it that I want to give you all a really good excuse for the latest song still being in production on my computer in the spare room?!
We recorded Greg playing some very fine sax. harmonies to our song, You're My Home, this week and now I am back trying to beef up the vocal and melody line to do justice to the sax!
Keep checking this site! The new song is close to being complete.
Where we are now...
We are still working on the song "You're My Home". We liked the sax. on the bridge so much that we are going to complement some more measures with the saxophone before we add the final vocal.
Meanwhile, as teachers, our first job this week is to mark exams! No more music until that job is done!
The visits to this site are really going up. Tnank you for listening and we hope to give you new material within the next month! Please let us know your favourites by clicking on the Guestbook and telling us what song(s) you enjoy. Thanks to everyone who has signed the Guestbook to date. Your support is very much appreciated!
If you don't enter....
Although "Silk Pajamas" is a working tape to demo the song, we entered the song in a Broadjam contest to try to get the song recorded by an "All Star Session". The song has to go through peer review first, so we'll see how it goes.
Meanwhile, we have to put the finishing touches on the song entitled, "You're My Home". The tune is a jazz waltz. Stay tuned for the working tape of that song in the coming weeks.
New Demo Song Added
I have just tried to upload a demo (working tape) version of one of our latest songs, SILK PAJAMAS. It is a jazz version right out of the "spare room" and not from a studio but we hope it will keep you up-to-date on our progress. Remember we are the writers and we write for others to sing our songs!! I do not pretend to be a singer but I hope you enjoy the song!
Welcome to 2006!
We hope everyone who reads this news bulletin has had a peaceful holiday season.
The music here continues. We have added more to our new songs and today we even recorded the vocals for the working tape. We now need to do some mixing before letting others hear the songs. The songs we worked on today are both jazz and Greg is playing the Alto saxophone on both. Finally, we intend once again to ask professional singers to sing the songs for us. We really are getting closer to being able to let you hear them! Please feel free to download and buy any of our songs to help us finance our endeavours. Meanwhile, we appreciate any feedback from our listeners and thank you for signing our Guestbook!
Shuffling The Songs
As the holiday season approaches, we hope that many families will be re-united and enjoy the company of relatives and friends. We also know that this season is a hard season for those whose families are far away or for those who have lost loved ones this year. I have shuffled our songs this week to provide songs that speak to both emotions. Mostly, we are hoping that everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday season!
Different Views...
Often our local fans enjoy one of our songs in particular. "Soul Repair" is a pop/rhythm and blues song that was one of the most popular on our first album. The song is sung by Emily Fennell. The band is Steve Martin on bass, Steve Smith on drums, Greg on keyboard and saxophone. Seems to me this is the time of year for "Soul Repair" and so- enjoy!
Greg and I enjoyed a different view this week as we chaperoned a large bus-load of our students to Toronto to see "Movin' Out", the spectacular musical based on Billy Joel's songs. What amazing arrangements of Billy Joel's music and fantastic, energetic dancing! Listening to the band in that show has inspired me to try to climb greater musical heights during the Christmas break!
Our songs for download sale at Broadjam
We are now excited to announce that our songs are for sale at Broadjam. Each song may be downloaded for only $0.99. We are pleased that this type of sale will allow you to own and play your favourite songs from our site without having to buy a whole album.
Broadjam has done a fine job of making it easy for us to sell our songs. We hope you enjoy their service and that you continue to listen to and enjoy our music. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for your kind comments in the Guestbook!
Back on Track!
You may have noticed that the promised tracks are finally available on the songs and album pages. I re-named the new instrumental versions "Swinging Right" and "Safe Back Home" so that we can all distinguish what is what! The songs "When The Mood Swings Right " and "'Til I'm Safe Back Home In Your Arms" are now published by Inter Music Library of Los Angeles. The new instrumental versions,"Swinging Right" and "Safe Back Home", are still, at the moment, published by Cole/Garrett Music.
We hope you enjoy the different vibe Pinnacle Music Studios gave to the tracks.
In addition, for all the students past and present that Greg and I teach, we have uploaded the song, "The Beacon", that Greg and I wrote for Prince Edward Collegiate's fiftieth anniversary. I am still rather proud of my first foray into writing for the flute and French horn there and I still enjoy Greg's sax. melody. The three instrumental solos remind me of the three ages of Man. The singers' and musicians' names will shortly be found in the web-site entry (in other words, I haven't found where to type them in yet!)
We are toying with the idea of making an album of working tapes that we upload to the album page so that you can hear what we are up to. Let us know if you think that would be a good idea.
Greg and the school band are busy marching in Christmas parades and I am away now to mark essays! No more music until that work is done. I hope that will be later today!
Sorry for the Silence!
At the beginning of this month, we received news that a Music Library in Los Angeles was interested in acquiring "When The Mood Swings Right" and "'Til I'm Safe Back Home In Your Arms". As they also wanted an instrumental version, we decided to re-do the instrumental with the new studio with which we now work, Pinnacle Music Studios. Ken Harnden, Jon Park-Wheeler, Steve O'Connor and Sean O'Grady and Greg did a very cool more West Coast style jazz version of the tracks. If we can, we'll upload the tracks at a later date so that you can hear them! Meanwhile, Jef Vandertogt, the original engineer on the tracks, found the no vocal tracks and so the Music Library now has a fine choice of tracks! Let's hope some Music supervisor somewhere wants to use them!
Greg has been busy with a local production for the County Theatre group. However, we are still working on the jazz songs. Two are ready for the studio but we like to have four ready to make the studio time cost-efficient.
Our other songs should be ready for sale on Broadjam within the next month as I have the package here on my desk to mail to Broadjam! Thanks for listening!
Exciting, busy times!
Stay tuned! Greg and I will have some exciting news to share with everyone about mid-October! We can tell you that our music business is going very well and we are very happy with our progress!
Try the new sound!
Broadjam has uploaded the four songs from our mastered demo, "Grist For The Mill", which includes "House Of Cards", "No Words Needed" and "Love's Fools Must Dream Alone". Now the sound is much closer to cd quality. The artists on the songs are Lori Dortono and Ken Post. Other details about the songs may be found on the bio. page.
Soon all the songs on the album, "When The Mood Swings Right" (artist: Emily Fennell) will receive similar treatment. In addition, I am going to mail down to Wisconsin the school's Fiftieth Anniversary Ensemble playing the mastered recording of "The Beacon" which Greg and I wrote for the school's fiftieth anniversary. Local County people are involved in that one! Stay tuned and listen to the difference!
Back To Work
After all the dreadful news from New Orleans, it is good to see the many people who are now donating to help out, including the students at the high school where Greg and I work.
September has found us concentrating on our classes; however, the added mental activity of teaching always seems to get my mind working on music again. We have had some new inspiration lyrically and edited one of our new songs in a major way, probably for the tenth time! I think we are close to recording this one! Greg has been writing an instrumental and now has asked me to improvise a section there. So the music is still getting written!
Shortly, there will be a new item on the song list which we recorded in 2003 but have not yet submitted to Broadjam. Meanwhile, to herald the beginning of Fall I am going to move "Kickin' The Leaves" to the top of the song list.
Have you been seeing all those tragic scenes of people who have lost everything to Hurricane Katrina and, like me, have you been wondering how you can help from such a distance away?
Here is the address I found: Disaster Relief, The Salvation Army, P.O. Box 4857, Jackson, MS 39296-4857 You can donate on-line at or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY There are other charities helping, but I found this charity was the easiest route to help quickly. I will add that web-site to our links page for your convenience.
I have put "House of Cards" to the top of the song list this week so that people who are in need know there are others who feel with them and care about them.
Local Favourites To The Top!
Sometimes, what people like in the County (where we live) is different from what drives the song charts. This week I have put to the top of the song list, "Grist For The Mill", which is a local favourite and "A Love That Is Gone", which is a family favourite. The song, "Grist For The Mill" is a duet which begins in a sombre mood but which ends with an optimism that isn't always predictable in this world of ours. The singers are Ken Post and Lori Dortono. The second song is sung by Emily Fennell. This song is liked for its evocative imagery.
A Tune To Make The Day Go Right!
I just moved the song, "Your Fragrance Is Deafening", to the top of the song list. Sometimes just seeing someone special is all one needs to make the day better. So, to all those who have been working in this heat, this tune is for you!
Time For A Line!
Greg and I worked on our new jazz songs last week. Actually, we nearly "finished" one of the songs (carefully consulting Jason Blume's checklists from his book, "6 Steps To Songwriting Success"!) We have one line left and many variations in the idea box, but not the right version yet-so Greg's words below hold true.
Greg's View of the Creative Process
As a teacher, I have had ample opportunity to observe the creative process in other people. This observation has caused me to reflect on my own approach to creativity. One of the most important ingredients in the creative process seems to be time. It takes time to process thoughts, to reflect on possible editing that may need to be made, to listen with open ears to new lyric, melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic ideas. Sometimes it takes time to decide whether any changes need to be made to a song at all.

Moreover, the creative process tends to be pretty messy. Rarely do things fall into place neatly and accurately on the first try. Pieces of the “puzzle” need to be moved around, new and different ideas need to be tried with some of those ideas going into the “try again later” pile. It is this part of the process, the keeping track of and trying various new ideas, that I find the most satisfying and fascinating. All in all, the messiness contributes a lot to the finished product.
An Excellent Read!
As we return to writing our new jazz songs this week, I thought I would take some advice from expert songwriters as we go into the editing stage. I have been reading Jason Blume's "6 Steps To Songwriting Success", the revised and expanded edition published by Billboard Books, 2004. Jason's advice is clear and readable and he structures the book in such a way that the reader can actually remember his advice! Thanks, Jason Blume!
I am hoping to apply some of his great advice this week!
The View from Here
People always ask us, "Where do you get your ideas?". I can't speak for Greg but I find ideas everywhere. Every song begins with a truth but then takes on a life of its own. For example, the song "There Just Isn't Love Here Anymore" was written for a young student of mine. She came into my Latin class, angry and in tears, asking me to "tell off" her boyfriend. "I can't do that," I replied, "but I'll write you a song." The result you can hear if you check out the song list!
We ended up writing "Anniversary Song" for my husband. However, the song started out as a joke song I was going to write and send to President Clinton. Thus the opening two lines, I thought, were suitable for Bill to sing to Hilary. However, I got to like the melody so much I completed the song for my husband. My husband thinks the first two lines are irrelevant to our marriage but loves the rest of the song! Greg,of course, added the accompaniment and the saxophone instrumental there.
One day, Greg was describing the fun he had had walking to school kicking the leaves. I wrote down the words, "Kicking The Leaves", saying, "That's a good title." Within a week, Greg was back having written the whole song! He did let me write the saxophone instrumental for it!
We invite you to let us know where you get your inspiration. You might like to tell us which of our songs inspire you too! Please sign our Guestbook!
Back To The Drawing Board
Since last Fall, when we recorded and added the four songs on our album "Grist For The Mill", we have been busy in various ways.

We both teach and so our lives are busily filled with commitment to our students. However, we are still writing songs and have embarked on four new songs which are more of a jazz flavour.Each of the tunes is much more upbeat than we have written before and we are looking forward to hearing how the musicians react to the new, and sometimes more complex, style!

Greg has been involved with local musical productions and local fans should keep an eye on the Gazette to find out what he is up to next. He and his wife and family are becoming quite the musical ensemble!

Mary keeps her eye on this web-site that Broadjam is running for us. If you have any suggestions as to what we should include here, let her know! She also continues to teach herself jazz piano and, who knows, may even be accompanying some of her tunes in the future!

Thank you for listening to the tunes on our site! We hope we have brought some enjoyment to you!

Mary and Greg.
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