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The best laid plans... So I was unable to continue with my music plans as I was thwarted by illness. Now the docs have me on meds which have much improved my health and I am ready to return to songwriting and recording.
I am excited to say that i have signed up for the R&B Vocals course at B
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YOUR SWEETEST SONG Sung by Emily Fennell

Words and Music by Mary Cole and Greg Garrett.
© 2001 Mary Cole and Greg Garrett,

Once there was a boy who had a song -
A melody that lingered all night long.
But with his song there came no words
And so his song was never heard -
The sweetest song bereft of words.

Once there was a girl who had some words -
Words that were the sweetest words she'd heard.
But no tune came with her words
And so her words were never heard -
The sweetest song bereft of words.

No melody - no song was heard.

So their song was lost amid life's din
And troubles wouldn't let their music in.
But deep down inside his music played -
Her sweet words stayed.
Then Fate saw their plight and took a chance:
His music call'd her words to start to dance
From deep down inside together came
Their song of love.

Tho' some say it's foolish to dream dreams,
That Love is unkind, not what it seems;
Deep in your heart, you have a song
And one to whom that song belongs -
Your song of Love:
Your sweetest song.

Lyric Credits: Mary Cole Grimley
Music Credits: Mary Cole and Greg Garrett
Producer Credits: Wayne McFaul and Cole/Garrett
Publisher Credits: Mary Cole and Greg Garrett
Performance Credits: Emily Fennell
Label Credits: Cole/Garrett Music
Song Length: 3:03
Primary Genre: Pop-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: Pop-Standards
  Cole & Garrett Songwriters Album 3

When The Mood Swings Right

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